The new AWR250 from Agrident is the most economic ISO11785 stick reader. It combines all important features in an ergonomic and robust housing at a very reasonable cost. With a large colour display and a convenient keyboard it is very easy to use. The different lights, sounds and vibration give clear signals about the on-going operation.

The AWR250 reads all types of HDX and FDX-B transponders, ear tags and bolus compatible with ISO standard 11784/5. The new energy optimized reader technology in combination with a powerful Li-ON battery offers a long operation and stand-by time. For convenient power management the AWL200 can be recharged at any USB Power supply.

Battery allows permanent read mode for very fast reading, e. g. at loading or unloading of animals for about 6 hours. At the normal push and read mode the battery will last for days. The large memory allows the storage of 100.000 tags plus time-stamp and additional data. The memory can be arranged in groups. The USB mass storage mode enables easy access to data without additional drivers. Up to 25 Tasks created by the Agrident Task Software can be loaded into the AWR250 and make data collection at the animal as easy as a touch of a button.

The large backlit Colour Display allows convenient reading of IDs and additional data after scanning. The casing combines light weight and robustness with an ergonomic design.

The AWR250 consists of an integrated USB interface for wired and Class 1 Bluetooth for wireless communication and connects with the Agrident Android App for easy data management on Smartphones and with major brands of scales for weight recording.

The free AgriLink Software provided with the AWR250 makes the upload of Link lists (VID, Alarm) and the Download of the collected data very easy. AgriLink can save the data in Excel Format as well.


Frequency134.2 kHz
Transponder types HDX and FDX-B compliant according to ISO11784/11785, EM4002 optional
Read range25 cm with HDX transponders (30 mm Ø)
and FDX-B transponders (30 mm Ø
SynchronizationWireless Synchronization allows the operation with other readers in close vicinity according to ISO24631-2
InterfacesUSB (Virtual Comport or Mass Storage Device)
Bluetooth 4.0 - Class 1
Android and Windows 8 compatible
Power supply3.6 V Li-Ion battery with 2.600 mAh capacity,
Recharge with any external USB power
supply (Full charge 3h at 1000 mA)
Display2.4 inch TFT colour (65K colours)
Adjustable backlight
Keypad7 keys, directional pad with “OK” button
in the middle and two additional soft keys
below the display
Signals2 Status LEDs above the display
(one RGB and one blue), Audio Speaker
Operating Temperature-20° to 60°C, -4° to 140° Fahrenheit
Storage Temperature-20° to 80°C, –4° to 175° Fahrenheit
Charging Temperature0° to 45°C, 32° to 113° Fahrenheit
DimensionsL x W x H: 650 x 85 x 42 mm
WeightApprox. 650 g

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