Product Overview


Daily data recording in livestock business requires portable readers and data collecting systems. AGRIDENT offers a wide range of portable readers, from simple identification devices to sophisticated handheld computers. AGRIDENT readers are very robust and ergonomic allowing long lasting use in the harsh agriculture environment. They can be connected to many management software packages thanks to convenient interfaces.

Stationary Readers

Stationary readers are needed when permanent automatic identification or a greater reading range is required. AGRIDENT provides a range of stationary readers and antennas for different applications. They can be integrated into feeding stations or scales for process control. Other applications are raceways, trucks and slaughterhouses. The flexible system design makes is easy to adapt Agrident products to the various applications. The readers and antennas are specially designed for the adverse environment in these applications.

OEM Products

Agrident offers the ABR200 OEM micro reader board, which can be integrated into customized solution. The small Micro Reader for the integration into handhelds, the mid-range reader boards for scales and feeding systems and the long-range reader boards for various applications which require ISO 11784 /11785 compatibility. In addition various antennas are available for customized solutions.

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