APR500 now with an integrated Database

The APR500 DATABASE function is the latest firmware module of the APR500 handheld. The dynamic DATABASE can be defined to customer needs and gives in-field-access to management data which enables sustained decisions on site.
The main features of the DATABASE are:
– Up to 50 information like management ID, date of birth, genealogy data, last recorded weight, medical history, etc. can be assigned per animal

– Up to 25,000 animals can be administered at the same time

– Easy access via the hotkeys of the CLASSICMODE by scanning the EID of the animal or by browsing for the management or visual ID

– Scroll through the data via the mobile phone style keypad of the APR500

– Data can be edited in the field

– The 250 item ALERT list allows to ?ear mark? animals to editable events like movement, treatment, separation, etc.

– The assigned ALERT caption will pop up after the next scan in the field

– Fully integration into the TASKMODE for easy access to specific data during operation with the animals

– Suited for easy synchronization with any farm management software, for up to date data in the field and in the office

The mountable AMA antennas are avaiable now in 40, 60 and 90 cm lenght.

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