April 1, 2019
Dear Customer:
We are pleased to announce today that Merck, known as MSD outside the United
States and Canada, has completed its acquisition of Antelliq Corporation, which will be
an operating unit within MSD. Antelliq is comprised of its well-recognized and marketleading
brands, Allflex Livestock Intelligence, Sure Petcare and Biomark.
We are joining together on a mission to become the leading provider of technology,
products and solutions that improve the health and well-being of animals and the people
who take care of them.
Our priority is business continuity for our customers. We will concentrate on doing work
with the same dedication and passion that we have always shown to you.
Antelliq will continue to provide you with the same products, level of service and quality
that you have come to expect. We will continue business-as-usual activities and your
contacts at Antelliq will remain the same. For specific questions about MSD products,
please contact your MSD representative.
Our companies have complementary portfolios, offering best-in-class medicines and
vaccines and animal identification, traceability and monitoring products to serve our
customers. We are excited to work side-by-side with MSD to develop and deliver
transformative solutions for our customers.
We are honored to have you as our customer and value this relationship. If you have
any questions moving forward, please contact us.
Helmut Ruppert
Director Agrident

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