The electronic identification with RFID Technology is fast and the most secure technology available for animals up to now. Even in the harsh environment of the livestock business this technology works very reliable for many years. With permanent innovations AGRIDENT has brought the RF/ID Technology for animal identification into a new dimension of reliability and cost/benefit ratio.


For the electronic identification of animals there are world-wide two standards; ISO11784 and ISO11785. The ISO11784 describes the encoding of the 64 Bit information in the transponder (tag) and ISO 11785 describes the wireless data transmission. The frequency at ISO 11785 is 134.2 KHz and two different protocols can be used, HDX (Half Duplex) and FDX B (Full Duplex version B).

All Agrident readers are compatible to ISO 11784 and 11785 and therefore read all HDX and FDX-B transponders (tags) that are compliant to these standards.


Full Support for the 134.2 kHz TIRIS HDX tag formats by Agrident readers

Many Agrident readers, stationary and portable, supporting now the widely used
industrial TIRIS 134.2 KHz transponders from Texas Instruments....
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Agrident presents two new readers

Agrident will present two new readers until June 2017: the new ASR650 long-
range reader and the low cost stickreader AWL200.

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Free TGM recording software with all AWR300 readers

TGM the long time Irish partner of Agrident has a great
offer for all customers of
the new AWR300 stick reader. With every AWR300 they...
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