With the wide range of accessories you can customize your Agrident readers for a greater operational range. For all reader models are several accessories available. For the portable readers these are external antennas, cradles and adaptors. For the stationary readers these are various antenna sizes and housings as well as power supplies. The accessories make the use of the Agrident readers more convenient and they open wider or new application areas.

Accessories for AWR300 Stick Reader

ARB300 Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Although the AWR300 offers a outstanding operation time of some days with one battery some application may require a second battery pack or a replacement.
APC310 RS232 Serial Cable
For the connection with older scales which have a RS232 interface only.
ATB300 Hard-Top Case
When the AWR300 and its accessories (e. g. batteries, charger, and printer) are often used at several locations the ATB300 box provides safe and tidy transport. The necessary parts are always together.


Full Support for the 134.2 kHz TIRIS HDX tag formats by Agrident readers

Many Agrident readers, stationary and portable, supporting now the widely used
industrial TIRIS 134.2 KHz transponders from Texas Instruments....
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Agrident presents two new readers

Agrident will present two new readers until June 2017: the new ASR650 long-
range reader and the low cost stickreader AWL200.

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Free TGM recording software with all AWR300 readers

TGM the long time Irish partner of Agrident has a great
offer for all customers of
the new AWR300 stick reader. With every AWR300 they...
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