With the wide range of accessories you can customize your Agrident readers for a greater operational range. For all reader models are several accessories available. For the portable readers these are external antennas, cradles and adaptors. For the stationary readers these are various antenna sizes and housings as well as power supplies. The accessories make the use of the Agrident readers more convenient and they open wider or new application areas.

Accessories for APR500 Portable Reader

AEA580 External antenna
In combination with the external AEA580 stick antenna the operation of the APR500 readers becomes much more flexible in many applications. Whenever it is difficult to go close to the object to read or the tag is at a hidden location, e. g. at Bolus at sheep or at ear tags at pigs in pens the AEA580 makes the reading of the tags more convenient.

AMA060/090 Add-on antennas
The AMA060/090 add-on antennas can be fixed at the back of the APR500 and enhance the operation range of the APR500 readers and thus becomes much more flexible in many applications. With the AMA060/090 one hand operation is possible which makes data capturing with the APR500 more convenient.
ADS500 Docking station
The ADS500 docking station for the APR500 reader makes data transmission and recharging more convenient. The USB connection of the ADS500 provides an easy connection to any computer system.
ACC500 Car adaptor
With the ACC500 car adaptor the APR500 can be recharged at a standard 12 Volt car socket. This gives more flexibility at mobile application in the field.
AUB500 USB Adaptor
The AUB500 USB adaptor offers an alternate USB connection at the button of the APR500. The top connector stays free for the external antenna or a RS232 connection with the APC510. The USB connection of the ADS500 provides an easy connection to any computer system.
APC210 RS232 Cable
With the APC210 cable the APR500 can be connected with all equipment with RS232 interface e.g. with most common scales. This enables the APR500 to send the ID to or get weight data from many scales from the mayor brands.


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