Daily data recording in livestock business needs portable readers and data collecting systems. AGRIDENT offers a wide range of portable readers from simple identification devices to sophisticated handheld computers. The readers are very robust and ergonomic for the long lasting use at the harsh environment in agriculture. Due to the variable interface they can be connected to many management software packages.

AWR100/200 Stick Reader - Power in your hand

The New powerful stick-reader AWR100/200 for mobile applications from Agrident is developed for fast and powerful reading in harsh environment, for example in feedlots, auction barns and abattoirs. The rugged IP67 RFID 134.2 kHz reader is fully compliant with ISO11784/5 and works under extreme conditions.

It offers some unique features like the dual power mode, the additional read LED at the tip and bi-directional communication via Bluetooth (AWR200 only).

At the high power mode it offers a leading read range while the low power mode it allows up to 3 times longer operation. The additional red/green LED at the tip permits the easy control of reading under difficult circumstances. The additional Class 1 Bluetooth interface of the AWR200 enable wireless communication up to 250 m. With the bi-directional Bluetooth function data can be sent back from a PDA and be indicated on the display of the AWR200

The horizontal 2 line display allows convenient ID reading while scanning and the optimal balanced weight guarantees highest operator comfort. The non-volatile memory allows storage of 5000 tags plus time-stamp. The ID in the memory can be arranged in groups. The permanent read mode is useful in situation were very fast reading is required, e.g. at loading or unloading of animals.

For the convenient power management a fast charger for the batteries and a car adaptor is available.

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