FCC and IC certification for the ASR550 reader

The ASR550 mid-range stationary reader has received the FCC and IC approval. It can now be universally sold and distributed to the United States and Canada.

Its plug and read approach makes the ASR550 easy to integrate into applications like walk trough identification at races, in scales, milking parlous and, automated feeding stations .

For more information about the ASR550, please contact support@agrident.com.


Agrident presents two new readers

Agrident will present two new readers until June 2017: the new ASR650 long-
range reader and the low cost stickreader AWL200.

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Free TGM recording software with all AWR300 readers

TGM the long time Irish partner of Agrident has a great
offer for all customers of
the new AWR300 stick reader. With every AWR300 they...
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New ruggedized Android PDA with the ABR200 OEM Reader module

Coppernic a leading French producer of ruggedized handheld and tablet
computers has launched its versatile C-One ruggedized Android PDA with a...
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