New belt holster for APR500

The latest accessory will enhance the usability of the APR500 Handheld even more. The ABH500 belt holster is an important part of making the APR500 the perfect companion for the daily work on farm.

This high-quality belt holster can be used to securely stow away the Handheld while on the move, but have it easily ready for operation in a second.

The ABH500 belt holster can also be used for the APR350/APR380 handheld readers


Full Support for the 134.2 kHz TIRIS HDX tag formats by Agrident readers

Many Agrident readers, stationary and portable, supporting now the widely used
industrial TIRIS 134.2 KHz transponders from Texas Instruments....
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Agrident presents two new readers

Agrident will present two new readers until June 2017: the new ASR650 long-
range reader and the low cost stickreader AWL200.

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Free TGM recording software with all AWR300 readers

TGM the long time Irish partner of Agrident has a great
offer for all customers of
the new AWR300 stick reader. With every AWR300 they...
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